The Renfest

Oh I know there are folks who have disparaging things to say about Renaissance Festivals, or the “kind of people” who attend them. Those folks have likely never lived in a real Renfest town.
Living in Annapolis, I’m about 20 minutes down the road from one of the largest Renaissance Festivals in the world. It’s not just and event that happens every fall around here, it’s pretty much the event happening every fall here. I have very few friends in the tri-state area that do not attend at least once a season, regardless of their nerdiness level, and some friends for whom the fair is basically home. I’ve never gotten quite that into it, I’m not a big costume person (and I’d want to wear hose and a tunic, not a huge unwieldy gown if I was). Though I do appreciate a good beesting (beer and mead) and a cheesecake-on-a-stick (90% of renfest food is on-a-stick) and a round or two of jousting (our state sport!) a few times a season.

This post is an excuse to share a few photos I took on Saturday, during my brief foray. I’m really going to miss this when I move to Seattle. Gotta remember to snap some photos of the jousts next time I go.


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