Where to Weird

Just one more post like this and then we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming I promise. (Without ruling out the possibility that posts about cool new publications and other goings on in the SFF community will become more of a regularity.)

My last post was, admittedly, a little all over the place. I was trying to give a pretty wide sample of the sort of literary magazines out there, regardless of their exact placement on the spectrum that is the speculative fiction genre. So for this post, I’m going to reign it in and talk about a few places you can go to get your fix of Weird Horror (and maybe send that Weird story you just yanked from Weird Tales‘ submission queue). 

(Regular readers of this blog will be aware of my own devotions along these lines.)

Innsmouth MagazineInnsmouth funding driveThe first is publisher Innsmouth Free Press, and their triannual Innsmouth Magazine. Innsmouth is helmed by the inestimable Silvia Moreno-Garcia*. In addition to being one of the most active review and essay blogs in the genre (think Tor.com but almost exclusively for Weird Horror), it’s also a strong contender for ‘heir to the Weird fiction magazine throne’. A nontrivial cherry on top of that creepy-crawly sundae is their announcement today of a funding drive for their next two anthologies (Sword and Mythos and Jazz Age Cthulhu), with their final push goal being a hike to pro rates for Innsmouth Magazine itself!

Dagan BooksSecondly, I’d like to highlight Dagan Books, the tiny press responsible for Cthulhurotica. Its focus is similar to Crossed Genres in that its publications tend to take a base made of Weird and mix it with a big ol’ dab of Something Else (whether that be Alien archeology or Books within books.) At the moment they’re just about to close submissions for Cthulhurotica 2, so if you have something kicking about your hard drive that might suit, be sure to get it to them before August 30th.

Then there’s Chiaroscuro, which is another small Weird horror press with an occasional zine habit. They publish a little bit of short fiction on their website, but have shifted their main focus in a more bookish direction. ‘Embrace the Odd’ is their well-observed motto. If you’re a longtime connoisseur of Weird, you might recognize a number of their authors.

And if you’re a devotee of the audible, my two favorite podcasts with a consistent Weird emphasis are the unpredictable (and for me, local!) Drabblecast and the the (very Cthulhic, seemingly never safe-for-work) Pseudopod!

I know there are a number of great new anthologies out recently that fit under the Weird umbrella, including one from Ann Vandermeer (the editor of Weird Tales‘ best run) and her husband (author and editor) Jeff Vandermeer**. I’m not going to get into individual novels or anthologies further than that, but if there’s something that I’ve missed or that you just really want to talk about, please do bring it up in the comments!

* (Though I’d heard of IFP before, my first encounter with Moreno-Garcia’s own fiction was through her story “Jaguar Woman” when it came out on Podcastle. I just wanted to share.)

** (I’ve heard that it leads with a portion of illustrator Alred Kubin’s The Other Side, a book very dear to my heart and also very difficult to find. Or at least, difficult to afford. In my estimation, that alone makes it worth looking into.)