So I said I was experimenting…

This is one of those pieces I mentioned in my last post! It started out as a sketch for a birthday present, became super serious and then became a great big mess of a project that took far too long… but I could list grievances for every piece I work on, and I’m not really that upset with the end result. Though the cat’s face… *sigh*. I tried using watercolor for the linework, as I did with the Eeyore painting, and it turned out a lot chunkier than I intended. Not certain yet whether I consider that a bad thing…

Ah well, you win some… But you always win at art, because you learn something new, right?

Alice Liddell meets the Cheshire Cat

Alice Liddell meets the Cheshire Cat

Several other projects are coming close to a finished state too, so stay tuned!


Mailer art

The finished images for the back and front of my illustrator’s mailer! There will be text with my name, contact info, etc. etc. on here too, but I really just feel like sharing the pictures. It took me a while to finish this, because of course I’m stressing out about what I’m happy having represent me to potential clients. I’m hoping having finished this, the next one will be easier (you’re supposed to send these out three or four times a year… gah).

So, the front! A familiar image, but a little more colorful:

And for the back, a Cthulhic squid-elephant abomination reaching in from the madness of another reality:

Now to work on that list of who to send these to.

Draconic Victoriana mailer, WIP

Since I’m almost done with this piece, I thought it was probably time to post the WIP sketches for it. Or rather, the time might have been a few days ago, and I’m just behind. This image is going on my (first ever, since again I’m always behind on things) illustrator’s mailer! I’ll post the final, plus the image from the back, in a day or two.

I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about how it all turned out.

The reference for the figure came from an old photograph of Jeanette Jerome Churchill (Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston’s mum). It’s a pretty striking portrait of her in riding gear, and one I might try reinterpreting again in the future.

There she is, in sepia ink! Done with a crow’s quill, because I can’t leave my love of those things behind.

The idea behind the dragon is that it’s an analogous stage in dragon evolution to, say, Velociraptor or other feathered raptors. If dinosaurs, why not dragons? There are more sketches of feathered dragons in my sketchbook, which I’ll scan at some point soon.