Draconic Victoriana mailer, WIP

Since I’m almost done with this piece, I thought it was probably time to post the WIP sketches for it. Or rather, the time might have been a few days ago, and I’m just behind. This image is going on my (first ever, since again I’m always behind on things) illustrator’s mailer! I’ll post the final, plus the image from the back, in a day or two.

I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about how it all turned out.

The reference for the figure came from an old photograph of Jeanette Jerome Churchill (Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston’s mum). It’s a pretty striking portrait of her in riding gear, and one I might try reinterpreting again in the future.

There she is, in sepia ink! Done with a crow’s quill, because I can’t leave my love of those things behind.

The idea behind the dragon is that it’s an analogous stage in dragon evolution to, say, Velociraptor or other feathered raptors. If dinosaurs, why not dragons? There are more sketches of feathered dragons in my sketchbook, which I’ll scan at some point soon.

More sketches! Victorian theme.

Because I am committed to updating more frequently, even if it’s just sketchdumps.

Here are some sketches I made the other night, from photos of eminent Victorians (except for the cartoon man):

The fellow on the bottom right looks almost exactly as I picture Mr. Norrell from Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell looking. Actually, it is Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Lord of Shaftesbury (but he could play Mr. Norrell).

Painting on walls (Unnaturalist-style)

Home away from home

We each spent something like 6-12 hours a day in this spot. For three weeks.

So here it is, finally! The long-awaited 826DC mural post! It’s been open for weeks now, so this will be of little revelation to anybody in the area who’s managed to make it there (sadly, sadly, I have yet to see the completed space) but will be more of interest to those who live too far away to check it out, or want to see some WIP shots.



I’m not going to say terribly much, besides some captions, so if you wish to know anything further, go ahead and throw some questions at me in the comments. :)

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Unnatural History Museum WIPs, inked phase

Spent all day getting them to this point, and my poor tachikawa fountain pen gave up the ghost during the very last one, but here they are — inked. Painting begins tomorrow, and hopefully moves quickly. Thankfully, we’ve decided on fairly spare colors and white backgrounds. Fewer than four days left to work, before everything needs to go to print.

The rest of the cannon beneath the jump.

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Unnatural History Museum WIP updates

Triple-beaked Sparrow

The Reindolphins have seen a fair bit of revision since yesterday, and two new creatures have made an appearance in their first stage. Tiger and lark are both in the process of being inked at the moment. Oh, and I forgot to mention that a prior work of mine is being used for the book; which, I have learned from 826DC’s twitter, is called Exhibit A. That’s it on the left, renamed for this project. :)

Three WIP below the jump!

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Unnatural progress sketches

WIP sketches for the ‘Museum of Unnatural History’ (826DC) catalog pieces! Except for the falcon, these are all pretty raw and as yet unapproved for inking, so they could still change plenty. The initial concepts for these were from Oliver and Minh, with further contributions from Evan, Katie and I.

Turlington's blind falcon

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