There…but back again

I’ve been a little quiet lately. My deadline for big secret project is coming up, and in the midst of scrambling to try and fall close to it I suddenly had a week long trip to Seattle.

The view from Phinney Ridge

It was sort of business-related, but that didn’t prevent me from enjoying the hell out of the scenery, the weather, the pastries and hot chocolate and library and bookstores…

Central column of the 11 story Seattle central public library

Hot chocolate (with cayenne) from Chocolati in Wallingford

Distressingly, I couldn’t bring my work with me. My drawing pad is too big and there are all those weird TSA rules about pointy things (like pens and metal rulers) and gooey things (like glass bottles full of opaque black ink). This made the trip slightly fraught… it’s tough not getting work done when a deadline’s close.

Now I’m back and somewhat recovered, I’ll be chugging ahead on that. And maybe getting some side work done, you never know. I’ll be sure to share any doodles. Once I whip out my oh-so-intimidating dip pen again…