Autumn adventure

So what’s been up with me? I realize I’ve been pretty lax at blogging about myself or my art recently. I (voluntarily) left my job at the patent illustration company, and since then I’ve been loading myself up with freelance contracts and other projects to keep busy. The excellent news is that I have managed to keep busy and load my plate pretty darn full, despite my lack of a morning commute. And then of course this is fall, and for some reason every fall Evan and I get itchy feet and need to get out of town. The past two years it’s been to Seattle, this time it was Canada.

Toronto from the waterfront

We split our week between visiting Evan’s aunt and cousins in Toronto and staying with my sister and her boyfriend in Montréal. Sadly I didn’t get too many photos… I was a little distracted by the scenery and the company. Here’s a Polish restaurant in Old Montréal that my parents used to frequent when they lived there 37 years ago. We checked, it’s still delicious!

Stash Polish Restaurant

I also gobbled down poutine, drank beer on top of Mont-Royal, spent 6 hours wandering the entirety of AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), several more hours in the incredible Samurai exhibit at Pointe -à-Callière museum of archaeology, and wandered through the Marche Jean-Talon sampling delicious fruit every morning. Also, I played with a kitten named Marley.

Marley the kitten

Already we’re trying to think of excuses to go back for another visit! (For one, we have to use up this Canadian money that’s almost impossible to change here in the States…)

Anyway, that’s one of the reasons I’ve been so silent this past month! Now to get back to work on the others…