Just some quick paint

He hunts by night

The canny might recognize a recurring character, here. :3

Not much to this post, I’m afraid. I forgot to document the WIP steps for this one, which is really too bad since it’s another one of my experiments (and one I rather like).

Contrary to what I said of the Alice piece last time, I ended up using that watercolor outlining technique again. Worse, I’m starting to think and plan my paintings in terms of it. :| I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, yet. Input would be greatly valued.

I also tried something a bit differently with the way I planned the color scheme, simplifying each background object down to a single color, and each focal point to a main color and at most one or two secondaries. I’ve always really admired artists who worked that way, and I enjoyed it myself. Might be a tack to take in order to fix my eternal color-scheme illiteracy.


The things we love

I enjoy many things. A clear sunny day spent sitting under a tree with my sketchbook, a brisk walk  on a rainy and blustery afternoon. Birds chirping and  flittering about me as I stand still in the forest. A good hot mug of chocolate. And books, and art, and beautifully shot, convoluted movies with fantasy deep in their plots.

Beautiful weather and birds aside, much of what I love has a person, or people, to thank for it. And because of the internet, I’m closer to those people than ever I was in my childhood. I can read an author’s blog and learn how she sat in a coffee shop for hours, years, drinking hot chai and typing long fluid sentences. I can follow an art director’s twitter stream and watch the development of a cover from concept to print. I can visit an artist’s portfolio site and see what work inspired and was inspired by the cover I enjoy so much. If ever I feel threatened by a disconnect between myself and the world of wonders I consume, I can go online and immediately discover myself a part of a community of writers, artists, readers, creators. It is a beautiful, exhilarating feeling. It reminds me of why it’s such a lucky thing to be human in this century — our society is huge.

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Some things that happen this time of year.

C is for 'wildebeast or giraffe with the ability to petrify you where you stand'.

Catoblepas for Alphabeastiary

It’s been rather a while since I’ve posted here! I understand that that’s normal for this time of the year, as people get caught up in rapid-fire holiday preparedness and family time-spending activities. For me, it’s thanksgiving-Hanukkah-Christmas (the first and last of those to be spent, somehow, with two separate families: mine and Evan’s). That’s a lot of togetherness time, and a lot of food preparation, and a fair bit of stress.

Somehow, though, I’ve been managing to find time to make art. Maybe it’s my super-procrastination instincts, earned in college, which make me really good at working when I’m feeling under stress. Recently, I’ve completed the drawing seen above for the Alphabeastiary challenge (and I command you to add that blog to your RSS reader, as it has some gorgeous art on it already and it’s only getting started). I’m working on a holiday card, and some salable items for my etsy shop– which should finally get a formal launch some time in the next few weeks. There will likely be sales, and maybe a giveaway, to go with that. I’ll be sure to proclaim it loudly!

In the meantime, I’m removing my blog schedule. I’m still going to try and update with those features now and again. Just… without a schedule hanging over my head to make me feel like an even more inadequate a blogger. X)