My site traffic had the biggest spike in the existence of my blog yesterday, thanks largely to the kind mouth-words of the incredible Galen Dara and magnificent Tracey Hurley (who you might remember from Prismatic Art Collection fame).


So in celebration, I have kicked my butt into gear and finished these two little creatures that have been drifting somnolently through various stages of completion for the past several months. Enjoy!

Kestrel drake

Cheers of thanks to everyone who takes the time to ogle my poor drawings and peruse my scant little words. I appreciate all of you.


Gamayun’s modern daughter, at home

Those ottomans are the comfiest thing for watching tv. I bet hers had a hidden storage space inside, ‘cuz her mom taught her all about preparedness and efficiency.

Gamayun's daugher

Yarka watercolors and Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay brown india ink, on a Strathmore watercolor postcard. As usual.

Process, on a small watercolor

I actually remembered to document my stages on a watercolor! A small watercolor sketch, but it’s something.

Blue forest

Those who follow me on twitter might recall this one! I was extremely unhappy with it for a while, though I’ve since grown a little more at ease. After the jump, I’ll talk a little about the process that goes into watercolors like these.

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Rest up

Is what the orthodontic surgeon told me to do. But since it’s never so hard to take it easy as when you’ve been commanded to do it, well… here are those ink sketches I posted yesterday. But colored.

Llama deer person... in color!Cheshire Cinnamon, coloredNow I’m going to go lie down, because the painkillers are making me dizzy and tired. But I’ll probably make more art tomorrow.

Just some quick paint

He hunts by night

The canny might recognize a recurring character, here. :3

Not much to this post, I’m afraid. I forgot to document the WIP steps for this one, which is really too bad since it’s another one of my experiments (and one I rather like).

Contrary to what I said of the Alice piece last time, I ended up using that watercolor outlining technique again. Worse, I’m starting to think and plan my paintings in terms of it. :| I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, yet. Input would be greatly valued.

I also tried something a bit differently with the way I planned the color scheme, simplifying each background object down to a single color, and each focal point to a main color and at most one or two secondaries. I’ve always really admired artists who worked that way, and I enjoyed it myself. Might be a tack to take in order to fix my eternal color-scheme illiteracy.

So I said I was experimenting…

This is one of those pieces I mentioned in my last post! It started out as a sketch for a birthday present, became super serious and then became a great big mess of a project that took far too long… but I could list grievances for every piece I work on, and I’m not really that upset with the end result. Though the cat’s face… *sigh*. I tried using watercolor for the linework, as I did with the Eeyore painting, and it turned out a lot chunkier than I intended. Not certain yet whether I consider that a bad thing…

Ah well, you win some… But you always win at art, because you learn something new, right?

Alice Liddell meets the Cheshire Cat

Alice Liddell meets the Cheshire Cat

Several other projects are coming close to a finished state too, so stay tuned!