Cinnamonopteryx Press

So that Press Evan and I are starting together? The one I mentioned, a few posts ago, is going to be at Artomatic Frederick? It has an official blog now. Also, an official mascot.


What our cat would look like as a proto-avian, presumably.

Next step is to make a letterpress version of that! X) Pretty excited about all of this, folks.
Bookmark that blog I linked there, ‘cuz it’s going to get quite active soon!

Of dinosaurs and videogames

Some months ago, the inimitable Jon Davies asked me to do some internal promo art for a game his company, Megadev, was working on for Adult Swim. The game came out today, so now I can finally share this!A man and his sheepherding Allosaurus

There wasn’t much in the way of existing art representing the game at that time, outside of Jon’s original proposal sketch, so I actually got a fair bit of creative leeway. Here are some of my initial character sketches.

Character sketchesAnd here are the compositional thumbnails.

Compositional thumbsI can’t even describe what a great experience this was. I’ve known Jon for some years, and working with him as an art director was just terrific. And his own art, in the game? Standout gorgeous.

Give it a play. Just watch out for those exploding tomatoes at the carnival, they’re brutal.

Happening things

This is a stream of consciousness ink test (à la this) from a few years back. I had a spare frame lying around, so when I finished it I just slapped it in, hung it up, and forgot about scanning it. Thought I’d do it today, just so this post can have some art.

Birdman with fluteSo! I realized that, though I updated my ‘Upcoming’ section, I never made an official announcement. So here it is: Evan and I have teamed up as Cinnamonopteryx Press, and we’re going to be at Artomatic Frederick. If you happen to be in the area, take a look! It’s in an awesomely decrepit, abandoned 1920s school building. Our space is in the 2nd story lounge, in a massive old bookcase. We’ll have brand new art there, there are literally hundreds of other artist participants (including our friend Devon), and it should be tons of neat all over.

On another note entirely, I’ve been struck by a hankering to participate in 24 Hour Comics Day this year. Looking for other 2011 participants to watch (and possibly commiserate with), as well as past participants so I can look at comics and get all in the mood to do this.

So how ’bout it? Any 24HCD vets or noobs hanging around?

The Crossed Genres Quarterly

So Crossed Genres is an excellent SFF literary magazine for which I have illustrated (or co-illustrated) covers twice before. Recently, they asked me to do the cover of their first ever Quarterly publication. They’re going from a monthly paper release schedule to one where new issues are released free online monthly, but a print issue comes out only four times a year (with extra content and new cover art).

It’s now officially on sale to the public, so I’m sure no qualms would be had if I posted the cover art here.

Illustration is 11 x 17″, graphite and digital color. It’s based on the story “Love in the Atacama or The Poetry of Fleas” by Angela Rega.

I very much encourage you to visit the website to poke about the free content, and consider buying the book. CG’s a great publication.

Monsters on my mind

This is the best August ever, guys.

Not only did I get involved with 826DC’s Museum of Unnatural History, but now I have another project. A really, truly amazing project.

It’s for Catherynne M. Valente. Anyone who knows me well knows that Valente is my favorite author. Reading her work is like being submerged in technicolor honey, it leaves you utterly breathless. If you haven’t read of her before, I strongly suggest that you do yourself the favor. A short story of hers is up at Clarkesworld right now, as a free enticement.

Valente’s novel A Dirge for Prester John: The Habitation of the Blessed is coming out this fall, and she has commissioned me to create illustrations of four of her characters, plus a very important tree, to be used on the promotional website. And on postcards, and other promotional materials. The characters are all monsters. My favorite author has hired me to draw monsters for her. You could power a stove and a television and a dorm-sized refrigerator off of the amount of excitement I experience just typing that statement.

The only thing that could make this month any better is if my deadlines were a bit longer. The Unnatural Creatures for 826DC are due September 1st, and the illustrations of Valente’s creations on the 10th. The next several weeks is going to find me in an ecstatic delirium composed of sleep deprivation and enforced productivity. What a marvelous way to end my summer. *grins*