Something in the mail

I’ve realized lately that the key to productivity, for me, is to avoid turning on my computer unless absolutely necessary. Meaning I’m a little behind on things that involve scanning or photographing art to show people.

This is actually the second penpal letter of mail art I’ve received from Jessica Gowling, fellow printmaker and nature lover! The last one was a year ago, because I am terrible at responding to things in a timely manner (and maybe perhaps because I’ve been overbooking myself a little). We were also mutually involved in a traveling sketchbook project initiated by the wonderful Valeria Poropat (which I similarly forgot to blog about… or even scan before I mailed it! You can see my governess with a leashed dragon in Jessica’s photos of it).

Here is the latest envelope full of goodies:

The full array

Detail 1

Detail 2

Just look at that tiny Mot-mot card! We have several in the National zoo, and they are so lovely and inquisitive.

Even the envelope is pretty!

Jessica has figured out the important thing about me: I love birds.

I cannot remember whether I ever told her that I lived in Hungary for several years when I was small, which is when I had my first penpal. Who happened to love ducks. If not, the presence of all those (incredibly nostalgia inducing) Magyar posta stamps are just the most incredible coincidence… Or perhaps a product of the fact that Hungarians have some of the loveliest bird-related stamps ever. Though the envelope was mailed with beautiful Canadian bird stamps, too, which I sadly cannot get a good shot of without revealing someone’s home address. Alas! They are wonderful and I love them.

There’s a typewritten (as in typewriter-written) letter on the back of the brown leaf stationary also. Another odd coincidence, considering how I recently started using my own typewriter again…

I am determined to be more timely in my response this round! The truth is: I had my reply almost entirely assembled within a week of getting the previous mail art from Jessica, but dawdled because I felt like it needed one more thing. Needless to say, as Evan and I are finally getting our letterpress cleaned and put together, I am tempted to do this again. Setting myself a deadline of one month from today, or this could be a repeat!


4 thoughts on “Something in the mail

  1. :) What an awesome post Lisa!!! Thank you for all of your kind words. Never feel bad about taking your time to send back – I never want your replies to me feeling like a CHORE. I am so happy you loved all of the bird and tree themed treats! Those stamps are actually from a big pile of old collected stamps that my good friends gifted to me for xmas. They were all hungarian stamps, but I pulled out some of the bird beauties for you. I love when astounding coincidences happen – although I often feel that they are things that were MEANT to be – thus meaning they aren’t coincidences but instead DESTINY! Good luck with the letterpressing and I look forward to an envelope to you (whenever it is you find time to send it!). xoxo JESS

    • I love weird, nifty coincidences like that. :)
      And I’m still going to try to live by that deadline, only because like I said… I could spend a year gathering up things to send you again. I think two letters in that time is better! :D

      I am documenting the letterpress rehab, when I get to it! Starting with the beautifully recoated rollers and gallons upon gallons of vinegar and lemon juice sitting in the front hall… X)

  2. this is absolutely inspirational! have you heard of Mary Robinette Kowal’s Month of Letters for February? I’m trying it, and so far have mostly sent doodles and small watercolors. I love pen pals. And birds :)

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