Cinnamonopteryx Press

So that Press Evan and I are starting together? The one I mentioned, a few posts ago, is going to be at Artomatic Frederick? It has an official blog now. Also, an official mascot.


What our cat would look like as a proto-avian, presumably.

Next step is to make a letterpress version of that! X) Pretty excited about all of this, folks.
Bookmark that blog I linked there, ‘cuz it’s going to get quite active soon!

2 thoughts on “Cinnamonopteryx Press

  1. I loved your work at Artomatic! Especially your Llama Deer Person haha. I think I was drawn to your work because of the nature quality and I love ink and watercolor. That’s the medium I usually use. I’m also in artomatic. In the basement. Room 10. You should check it out :)

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