Sometimes, you strike out

I made these little bird illustrations as samples for a client. Turned out not to be quite what they were looking for, so back to the drawing board to try again. I can share them with you folks, though!

Cardinals on Crepe MyrtleGoldfinch and Black-eyed SusansBluebird on Magnolia

3 thoughts on “Sometimes, you strike out

  1. I think these bird illustrations are lovely, what the client had in mind or not. I especially love the Cardinals. When we lived in Ontario the winters seemed long but the bright red Cardinal visits would always brighten my day. Sadly, I learned that they are rarely found in this part of B.C.. I will have to learn to love the Stellar’s Jay and others as a replacement.

    • Aw, I hadn’t thought about that… I spent a lot of my childhood around these birds as well! But I’m hoping to move to Seattle now, and it too differs greatly in its bird populations…
      I’ll miss the colorful little critters…

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