A blustery day

Annapolis, after Irene

Annapolis, after Irene

One rainy, windy, tumultuous night and almost three days without power afterwards. Little flooding (surprisingly), but a lot of downed trees and branches. There are still houses and businesses about town that don’t have electricity. Still stoplights that blink yellow or not at all (though things have improved greatly since Sunday morning, when we left the house to find coffee and maybe 50% of the stoplights around town were working).

Three days living by flashlight and candlelight after 7pm, without internet or a way to cook, or refrigerate our food (except for copious bags of ice, when we finally found a place in town that still had ice in stock) has really made me appreciate living where I do. I know this is a problem faced far more often in some areas. It’s not that I’m entirely incapable of going without electricity (I love tent camping, the longer and more isolated the trip the better) but I’m not terribly prepared to face that when at home. House + source of power have really become inextricable in this country, and it surprised me how much like a cave my home felt when it lost that capability. But mostly I was worried about frozen foods melting.

Of course, this also means I’m suddenly extremely behind on work. Especially work-related emails. Getting on that, but it’s going to be a busy few days.

Especially since I took off yesterday, the first full day with power back, in order to celebrate Evan‘s birthday. :3 Happy birthday to him.


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