Hire me to design your heavy metal band’s album covers

Basically a stream of consciousness drawing. Used a nice, big dip-pen nib and some lovely gooey Windsor & Newton “Nut Brown” ink. Got very, very into working big globs of ink into feathery little lines.

Harvesting Snakeweed, linesThen I painted it! Forgetting that Nut Brown is not one of W&N’s water-fast inks! Ah well. I think the bleeding actually worked for this sketch.

Harvesting Snakeweed, colorIn the future, I’ll use some Dr. PH Martin’s Bombay, or maybe just ink on top of a prepared watercolor layer. Did try using FW Acrylic’s Sepia, but it’s just too damn dark, and doesn’t spread nearly so nicely.

What do you think? Is this a method I should explore in greater detail?