Everything goes back to normal

So I think my art crisis is over. I’m back to painting in about the same way I did originally (save for the fact that I ink last, rather than first) and I no longer feel quite as convinced that my color work is terrible. I do think that the experimentation was really useful, but it’s nice not to feel so panicky whenever I think about making work for someone. Expect more of that sort of thing next time I start feeling insecure about my art (which knowing me will probably be next week).

Three creaturesI tried using gouache for the first time in this one! And I also used salt successfully for the first time! So I guess I’m not actually done experimenting, but at least it’s more typical to my work. Ink, I missed you. I think I’d like to practice painting slimy things some more.

I was having an extremely strong urge to draw pokémon fanart, which I channeled into this instead. So I guess this is what pokémon would look like if I’d been the one to design them. This must be your three starter options. Which would you choose?

I forgot to get a scan of the initial pencil lines, but I do have an ink-less and gouache-less stage below the cut, if you’re interested.

Three creatures, inkless

And to think, I considered not inking this at all.


3 thoughts on “Everything goes back to normal

  1. I did a double take (and reread) when you mentioned you may return to being insecure about your art. I think your work is amazing and am always in awe of the interesting creatures and your detail (!!). I’m happy you’re posting more and I love seeing a bit of the process.

  2. Lisa, I love the bearded plant! I think my guess is that it would be plant and psychic, if it were a pokemon… am I wrong?

    p.s. ditto on what Jeannine sez. :) your work is incredible!! hopefully it was just heat swoon and summer swamp malaise that got into you.

  3. Aw, thanks you two… Think is a pretty normal cycle, overall. X) Can’t get too satisfied with my work, or I’d get complacent right?

    Laura – def psychic. :) Maybe some grass-type as well? Or maybe it’s only trying to trick you.

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