Moleskine + artists to investigate

Evan just published a new post on his blog, with some illustrations he’s done for the upcoming 20Spec anthology. Gorgeous ink drawings, check them out!

This reminded me that it’s been a while since I last blogged, or uploaded art, or anything. My only excuse is that I’ve been working on a number of projects lately (one that is truly awesome, for a client!) some of which are stories rather than art and most of which are nowhere near done. Then there were the past few days, where we had temperatures in the high 80’s and low 90’s, with a a heat index of 100*F+, but no air conditioning. I didn’t really get much done besides showering a lot and making desultory pencil sketches in my moleskines.

Regent of water and vines.

Here is one of them.

Speaking of moleskines, I recently rediscovered the site ‘Skine Art. If you haven’t seen this before, I heartily suggest you take a look. Extremely inspiring to me, and a provider of the impetus to work in my sketchbook every single day. Also the best advertising for moleskine brand ever, I so want to be a part of that community every time I go there. X) Actually, I finally am. The above image might be appearing there sometime in the next few days.

Some great artists I’ve discovered since my last blog post! Xiao Han’s entire portfolio is full of gorgeous, subtle illustrations, but I particularly love these little watercolors. I want to try this technique myself. And Joseph R. Tomlinson is someone I found on ‘Skine Art, because his sketches are dynamite. I love his chickens the best.

Also, illustrator Eric Orchard is excellent in general, but you should especially check out his recent ‘Comic Book Tools and Materials’ series of blog posts (sadly he hasn’t given them their own tag, so I can’t link directly. They’re easily locatable on his blog, I promise!) Very good, very detailed advice.

I tend to add new artists and webcomics to my sidebar all the time, so please take a moment to browse! There are some really beautiful things represented. :)

(Though not all of them might be safe for your workplace… I try to warn you in the ALT text).

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