Birdmarks part 2

After much procrastination (and many distractions) my second page of bookmarks is finished! (The first one is here, in case you missed it). Only four of these are either birds or bird ancestors, but what the hell. Birdmarks page 2!

Top: Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Golden-faced dragon, Blue dragon of some sort, Eel-inspired dragon. Bottom: Some mossy sloth thing, Anchiornis, Velociraptor, Caudipteryx

As you can see, I went on a bit of a proto-avia spree at the end. The Anchiornis’ coloring is based partly on recent scientific discovery regarding its actual feather coloration, partly on modern Pileated Woodpeckers. The Velociraptor is loosely modeled on a Red-shouldered Hawk, and Caudipteryx is even more loosely inspired by a goose. Of course, after I finished painting Caudipteryx I realized just how tiny it was, and not really that goose-like at all, but ah well. It will be years before anyone can contradict me with concrete evidence!

I’m not done with that kick yet, either, so expect some more feathery saurians and proto-birds in the future.

I’m not very happy with the dragons. Dragons are usually my favorite, but these were probably overly influenced by the various anime I was watching while sketching them. Unless anyone’s desperately in love with them, it’s unlikely they’ll actually make it to my shop.

Mossy, dancing sloth monster just is.

As with last time, WIP after the cut!

The paint!

The pencil!

And that’s it for my working in watercolor on hemp paper, at least for a while. They are not friendly to each other. Ditto that particular ink, which I think I’ve mentioned. FW does not play happily with dip pens.

Next post: something silly.

8 thoughts on “Birdmarks part 2

    • Ha! That they do. I don’t necessarily think dragons need to be scary, but these ones definitely turned out more coy than I was going for. Next ones will definitely be scarier, for balance.

  1. Your work amazes me. I’m fairly new to your art (I have been following you on Twitter for a little while) but I’m excited to see more. I noticed you mentioned that you write. Do you illustrate any of your stories or create zines?

    • I know you! :D Thank you!!
      I tend to tuck my writing away in the back of my computer, but some of my work does have stories to it! I actually was going to do a blog-zine, and created five (six?) stories and two illustrations (so far) for it, but then I became shy and distracted by other things.
      Need to finish and post that… Those illustrations are actually lying next to my computer right now…

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