Unnatural Creatures

Baritone Lark

So it’s come to my attention that we’re finally able to sell prints of the Unnatural History Museum work we did for 826DC! Which means we’ve also been greenlighted to post the full suite online! Evan’s already done so over at his blog. If you don’t recall, the Unnatural History Museum catalog was a collection of watercolors of strange, evolutionarily disadvantaged creatures illustrated by myself, my mate Evan Jensen, our friend scientific illustrator/filmographer Katie Schuler, and Oliver Uberti, scientific illustrator/design director for National Geographic magazine.

The book isn’t out yet, though that should come soon. When it is, it should be available in at 826DC itself, and hopefully in its online shop. Definitely will be an announcement for that. But for now, the creatures!

Three-breaked Sparrow


Queensland Sloth-Kangaroo

Hoarding Pigeon

(There’s actually a Hoarding Pigeon and nest in The Unnatural History Museum itself, which Oliver built out of his and volunteers’ junk mail).

Western Rattletiger

Turlington's Sightless Falcon

These were awesome to work on. Will mention when they go on sale in my etsy store. :)


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