Life in “we don’t even need a hurricane for this to happen” Annapolis.

It rained yesterday, through the morning. At some points, it rained pretty hard. So when I went downtown today, this is what I encountered.Yeah. Annapolis has the worst drainage of any port city I’ve ever been to. There were sandbags in front of businesses, and some stores were downright closed due to flooding. The dock portion of town was blocked off with police vehicles and caution tape. More photos after the cut.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written a blog post about Annapolis flooding. In the two years I’ve lived here, this has happened multiple times. It shuts down traffic and does major water damage to businesses, yet for some reason I see no evidence that any money has gone into improving the stormwater drainage systems downtown. And as I said earlier, this wasn’t even a hurricane. It was barely even a thunderstorm. So this? The combined effect of an unusually high tide, plus some extra rain. That’s all it takes to shut down downtown Annapolis.

Really, though, I don’t live in downtown Annapolis. I live in Eastport, so I can experience this as a novelty, rather than my home or business being in any sort of danger.

In that spirit, I leave you. With some ducks.


2 thoughts on “Life in “we don’t even need a hurricane for this to happen” Annapolis.

  1. Those are amazing photos.

    It doesn’t make sense not to sort out the drainage. Mind you, we’re snowbound and all it needs is more gritters or a snowplough! You’d think people would learn to deal with the weather but we don’t seem to.

    • No, not really… which is funny, humans being so proud of their technological achievments but unable to deal with common weather conditions. :\

      Thanks! ipod camera does pretty well in good light. :)

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