Painting on walls (Unnaturalist-style)

Home away from home

We each spent something like 6-12 hours a day in this spot. For three weeks.

So here it is, finally! The long-awaited 826DC mural post! It’s been open for weeks now, so this will be of little revelation to anybody in the area who’s managed to make it there (sadly, sadly, I have yet to see the completed space) but will be more of interest to those who live too far away to check it out, or want to see some WIP shots.



I’m not going to say terribly much, besides some captions, so if you wish to know anything further, go ahead and throw some questions at me in the comments. :)

So, a tiny bit of background for those just joining me. My mate Evan and I were handed a giant canvas that had had a fantastical background painted upon it, by some great folks out in the middle of the country. They hadn’t had a chance to finish the mural, so it fell to us to get some creatures painted upon it. We’d just finished co-illustrating a “museum catalog” of strange creatures with Oliver Uberti and Katie Schuler, and these (plus some loosely sketched suggestions) were our guidelines for the project.

Without further ado, a slideshow with some photos in it:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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