The Walking Dead

To be honest, I didn’t like Walking Dead. The first episode was just a mishmash of tired Zombie tropes (even more tired if you read books), doused with a good helping of sexism and kill-the-women-so-that-the-men-can-learn-an-important-life-lesson-ism (also known as Cormac McCarthyism). If it sticks to the comic, it’s apparently going to stay that way. So, yeah. Not the “greatest SF series” of the decade, in my opinion (though the effects were pretty nice). Also, I’m rather tired of hearing about it.
*Goes back to reading her book*

Apologies for the grumpy, non-art-related posts. Promise that I didn’t write this post in order to antagonize anyone who likes the show (go ahead! enjoy! you have every right!) only to express my own, grumpy opinion.

There should be some more art along momentarily.


3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead

  1. Also, the sheriff doesn’t seem to think things through. He does a lot of stupid things and constantly puts himself in needless, avoidable danger, and that makes it difficult to root for him—or, really, care about his fate at all. The cinematography is good though; so far, that seems to be its sole outstanding feature, IMHO.

    Thanks for the dissenting viewpoint. It’s good to hear.

    • Oh, there were shouts of “Dude, why did you DO that? Are you not seeing the rotting bodies in the streets? Turn back!” in this household as well. I predict that his friend is going to turn out to be the one who messed with the radio, to prevent outgoing messages, and viewers are going to be in for a long pointless plot full of frustrating near-misses between groups of survivors. I wouldn’t put an Odyssey-type ending past them either.

      I came across this Tor post after writing this. It’s a disappointed review of episode #2 by someone who did like the pilot. (Spoiler: it’s full of spoilers. Also, episode #2 sounds ghastly).

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