Lovely things

I have been making much art in the past week two weeks, since I last updated my blog. Oh how I wince to say that… two weeks… there’s really no excuse but that I’ve been overwhelmed, and frightened to post anything other than art-related words on here. That will change.

There hasn’t been much sleep, in all that time. A lot of painting, a lot of touching and retouching in photoshop. Some running around to try and find somewhere with a decent large scale scanner, whose process wouldn’t entirely wash out all the delicate blues in the background of my painting (I didn’t really find it, and was forced to fudge things slightly). There was more carving, and a long string of prints resulting from it. There was far too much time spent sitting in a chair, staring at InDesign.

Tomorrow night Evan and I begin work on our contributions to the mural over at 826DC. The background was gorgeously painted by others, but they ran out of time and now it’s ours to try and paint some of our creatures into it before the donor opening on Friday. As we’re working full days at the design job right now, we’ll have to catch a few hours of painting after work each day. Unless things get a lot less busy, we won’t be able to take a full day off to paint; meaning short stints of work and not very much sleep.

We’re still wrestling with whether to move into DC or move out to Seattle. Regardless, we need to be somewhere closer to the action. The length of our commute is ridiculous, and tends to leave us with a choice between decent amounts of sleep or any working time in the evenings at all. That this design job could be very easily telecommutable, should our boss allow it, doesn’t help our feelings about it much.

I haven’t found the time to scan the finished woodblock print yet, though when I do it goes up here. Likewise, I’m holding off on posting the final pieces for Cat Valente until she gets the website up and running. When that happens I’ll post the entire string of WIPs, plus final, for each of them. Quite buzzing with excitement over that. And I’m pulling out my Sketchbook Project sketchbook right now! I’m picking up a pencil! I am going to begin working in it tonight, and posting the pages here as I go along.

So those are some of the things to look forward to, as a reader (willing or unwilling) of this, my blog. That, and the 826 images when I’m finally given permission to release them to the public! I am sitting on art and it is making me antsy. Time to make some I can hand out right away.

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