It is done.

I have finished the illustrations for the Unnatural History Museum! The whole gang of illustrators for the project (Katie and Evan and Oliver and I) met up at Cafe Tryst on Saturday, to oggle each other’s work and hand it over to Oliver for scanning and publishing. Everything looks amazing, utterly amazing. I’m not allowed to post finals until the opening of 826, in late October, but I have gotten permission to post thumbnail teasers. This is you get right now, folks. I hope you’re more patient than I am, waiting to share is tough!

I have been ignoring my blog for a week. Bad me. I should probably make a ‘hiatus’ badge to put over my blog schedule, for weeks when it’s just a pile-on and I know I’m unlikely to do anything timely. This past week, it was design day job + finishing up 826DC’s commission + getting started on Catherynne Valente’s commission + a class on Saturday. In the future, with perseverance, I intend to improve my time management to the point where all of these things, plus regular blog updates, could live harmoniously together. Some day. Expect timely, scheduled updates to resume after the 10th, and sporadic WIP-type updates until then.


2 thoughts on “It is done.

    • Thank you!
      It’s so hard waiting to put up the full things! X) But the boss wants them to be a surprise, so I’m playing it safe and trying to not breach contract. Hopefully I can pull more art together to put on the blog prior to that.

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