Dipping a toe back in

The Prince Archbishop's Wife, in gallery

I’ve done woodcut before. Anyone who knows me has probably heard the story about my printmaking professor in Salzburg, who handed me a 2 x 4′ plank of wood and told me to make a two-layer reduction print on it. Which I then had to print by hand, because it was too large for the press.

Well, last Saturday I got a finger-blistering new look into the medium! Because Evan’s birthday present was to sign me up for a woodcut portraiture class at Pyramid Atlantic.

I’ve really been wanting to pick up relief print again for a while. It’s really the only print

Self portrait in Victorian clothes, with creature.

medium you can realistically print at home by yourself, sans press. On a reasonably sized piece, this can even be achieved with relatively little pain. I haven’t gotten a ton done on this cut yet. I brought it home with the hope of getting some more work done on it before the second class next Saturday, when the teacher wants us to print them.

This is being carved with linoleum cutters, because sadly the teacher didn’t have the forethought to consider that the majority of students taking a beginner’s woodcut class would not own tools. Still, it’s great hearing advice from somebody who has chosen this as their prime medium, and access to the studio presses is invaluable.

Why’s it pink? It’s easiest to cut when you have a better idea of what will be dark and what will be light. The teacher brought hot pink ink to stain the wood with, so that our linework would actually be visible (as it wouldn’t be on black). And I guess she just likes hot pink.

I’ll post the completed image next week. Don’t expect anything amazing, though!


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