Unnatural History Museum WIP updates

Triple-beaked Sparrow

The Reindolphins have seen a fair bit of revision since yesterday, and two new creatures have made an appearance in their first stage. Tiger and lark are both in the process of being inked at the moment. Oh, and I forgot to mention that a prior work of mine is being used for the book; which, I have learned from 826DC’s twitter, is called Exhibit A. That’s it on the left, renamed for this project. :)

Three WIP below the jump!

Reindolphins, iteration 2

Queensland Sloth-Kangaroo

Hoarding Pigeon

Only five more days to work on this, so expect more updates soon!

Oh, and 826DC is having a fundraising drive today! Visit their website to find out how you can contribute a little to help a wonderful youth writing program (and soon to be Wunderkammer) a lot!


2 thoughts on “Unnatural History Museum WIP updates

  1. These are BEAUTIFUL. But, um, oops…that “Exhibit A” thing was an inadvertent pun on the Twitter feed yesterday. I have no idea what the title is going to be. Sorry for the confusion! And thanks for all of your hard work! -Julia/@826DC

    • Someday I will have something less cumbersome than “Unnatural History Museum WIPs” to call my updates! But that is not today.
      Apparently Evan knew this and did not think to mention it to me.

      Thank you for spreading the word around! I’m glad you like them. :)

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