Unnatural progress sketches

WIP sketches for the ‘Museum of Unnatural History’ (826DC) catalog pieces! Except for the falcon, these are all pretty raw and as yet unapproved for inking, so they could still change plenty. The initial concepts for these were from Oliver and Minh, with further contributions from Evan, Katie and I.

Turlington's blind falcon

Three more below the fold.

Western rattle tiger

Baritone Lark sketch


(Apologies for the weird, blurry scans. They’re still attached to my watercolor pad, for the sake of protection, and that impedes the scanner a fair bit.)

I’ll throw Wednesday Wisdom in here, too, because I really do need to get back to working without interruption.

Work on the final paper. Make your thumbnails and studies, then jump straight to the final paper you plan on working on. I know that many artists like to make initial sketches first, then try transferring them to the final paper through tracing, or projection, or some other sort of magic. This can be good if you have a ridiculously delicate paper, but usually my method is best. it not only saves you a ton of time, but it saves you the eternal frustration that is attempting to get things to look just right a second time.

Feel free to contradict me in the comments, I like debate. :)


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