Unnatural progress sketches

WIP sketches for the ‘Museum of Unnatural History’ (826DC) catalog pieces! Except for the falcon, these are all pretty raw and as yet unapproved for inking, so they could still change plenty. The initial concepts for these were from Oliver and Minh, with further contributions from Evan, Katie and I.

Turlington's blind falcon

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Monsters on my mind

This is the best August ever, guys.

Not only did I get involved with 826DC’s Museum of Unnatural History, but now I have another project. A really, truly amazing project.

It’s for Catherynne M. Valente. Anyone who knows me well knows that Valente is my favorite author. Reading her work is like being submerged in technicolor honey, it leaves you utterly breathless. If you haven’t read of her before, I strongly suggest that you do yourself the favor. A short story of hers is up at Clarkesworld right now, as a free enticement.

Valente’s novel A Dirge for Prester John: The Habitation of the Blessed is coming out this fall, and she has commissioned me to create illustrations of four of her characters, plus a very important tree, to be used on the promotional website. And on postcards, and other promotional materials. The characters are all monsters. My favorite author has hired me to draw monsters for her. You could power a stove and a television and a dorm-sized refrigerator off of the amount of excitement I experience just typing that statement.

The only thing that could make this month any better is if my deadlines were a bit longer. The Unnatural Creatures for 826DC are due September 1st, and the illustrations of Valente’s creations on the 10th. The next several weeks is going to find me in an ecstatic delirium composed of sleep deprivation and enforced productivity. What a marvelous way to end my summer. *grins*