A few good places to send your spare dollars

I know that excess money isn’t a problem that many of us have at the moment.

I'm shocked that I even HAVE $22.02 in my wallet

Still, I wanted to highlight a few good places to spend a little if you have a tiny bit to spare. For all of these, you also get something in return, which makes them even better expenditures still, right?

The Ripple project You may have heard of this. It’s a sketch project started and curated by illustrator Kelly Light. Artists donate small illustrations that pertain to the BP oil spill , and the ripple project sells them for just $10 (or $50 for famous illustrators). All profits go to wildlife rehab and cleanup in the gulf. As of my writing this, more than $10,000 have been donated through Light’s efforts. A wonderful way not only to help, but obtain a beautiful piece of original art while you’re at it.

The Omikuji Project Authors make criminally low salaries, considering the beauty they create and the amount of work they do. Omikuji is a side project of Catherynne M. Valente’s. She writes a brand new short story every month, which is then mailed out to all subscribers. For $5 a month you receive an email with a PDF version of the story, or for $10 a physical letter in your mailbox. Valente receives all profits for this herself, with no intermediary taking a 99% cut, which helps her fund her lifestyle of getting a ridiculous amount of incredibly gorgeous prose written. An excellent way to fund a truly brilliant writer, and get something lovely in exchange.

Kickstarter In case you haven’t heard of it, Kickstarter is a platform for projects to get funding via micro donations. Each project sets the amount of money they’ll need in order to complete their objective, and a time limit for when they’ll need it by. People who are interested can donate anything they can afford to help get it off the ground. If the project meets or exceeds its goal, they get the funding and get started. If they don’t, nobody loses a dollar. Projects generally have levels of donation for which you, the donor, will receive various rewards in return- such as copies of the publication, or the software, etc. I don’t have any particular project at the moment that I’d recommend, but browse the site a bit and you’ll likely find something you’d be interested in backing.

Anybody have a good cause they’re looking to fund at the moment? Even the cause of “I need to eat, and I make wonderful things that I sell in my etsy shop”? Drop me a line in the comments, and I’ll likely boost you in a future blog post.