On drawing creatures for others

So, my mate Evan and I, we have a reputation. And that reputation is as artists of the strange and monstrous, it seems.

We spent several hours of my birthday meeting with our friend and fellow artist Katie Schuler, and Oliver Uberti of National Geographic, to discuss and brainstorm fictional evolutionary dead ends. See, Dave Eggers’ nonprofit workshop for young writers, 826, is coming to Washington DC. Like all other branches of 826, 826DC’s location has a theme, and its theme is “Museum of Unnatural History”. A Victorian-style faux museum full of oddities and impossibilities. Oliver has been doing an incredible amount of work getting the space equipped, operational, and beautiful. He’d come up with the idea of having a sort of naturalist’s guide to very poorly adapted and strange creatures, as an accompanying feature to the exhibit, as well as a purchasable item in the store. He needed two additional artists to help fill out the pages for this project, which is on a very short deadline.

So our art will adorn some of the pages of this book, as well as the walls of the 826 space itself. It’s a non-profit venture, so no pay for us, but gods what a perfect project, and what an excellent cause. A million thanks to Katie, for getting involved and thinking of us first when she did.

826DC’s Museum of Unnatural History opens on the 24th of September. If you’re in the area, now or at any time in the future, this should be a prime stop for you. From what we’ve seen and heard, it should be gorgeous.


2 thoughts on “On drawing creatures for others

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