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A predatory bird and cunning trickster, the foxbird nests only upon the tips of branches with redundant angles. It eats the soft underbellies of its prey first, then stores the rest in tree cavities for future meals. Though bright, its memory is imperfect and it sometimes forgets the location of these carcasses. Foxbird prey left long enough might begin to sprout fleshy, angular branches with leaves made out of fur or feathers, and fruit resembling open mouths. Only the tongues of these fruits are edible, the rest will melt to poison between one’s teeth.

The foxbird is very protective of its young, which reach physical maturity with experience rather than age.

A new blog!

Tired of blogger’s clunky interface and constant attempts to tell me how my blog should look, I have migrated to wordpress! My old blog will still be around, hogging a tiny sliver of Google’s memory over at, but I will no longer be updating it.

Take a gander at the right side of this page, and you’ll see that I have a pretty active schedule planned for myself here, in addition to just regular blogging about my art and events in my life. This is to prevent myself from dumping all relevant online writing onto twitter and facebook, and ignoring my blog for long stretches of time. No longer shall months go by without a peep from me! I am going to make this blog dynamic, interesting even! (Depending on what you, personally, find interesting of course. Gearheads and Jocks will probably get very little out my blog, while artists, writers, feminists, birders, and those interested in science fiction and fantasy hopefully will).

The first Monster Monday should go live tonight, along with a pretty banner for the top of the site. Stay tuned!